Trac B Exchange
Think Health. Think Harm Reduction.

Harm Reduction Services

The store front is where clients can receive free services such as Naloxone (nasal or injection), intravenous equipment, peer services, vending cards, hygiene kits, and safe sex kits.

Clients can visit our storefront once a day and we can match up to 100 sterile sharps a day. We have 2 large sharps containers in the front to dispose of used sharps.   

In the storefront we offer free rapid HIV and Hep C testing to everyone. Testing is quick and clients can receive incentives! We encourage everyone to test and know their status. We have health educators to talk to you about PEP and PrEP to see if that is the right choice for you.

*No ID is required unless you're getting Naloxone or a vending card*


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